How To Remove Anodising From Aluminium

Conducting a quick search on the internet turns up all types of information on how to remove the anodising from aluminium. I’m beginning to think that it must be a trick question of sorts. Or perhaps people are confusing it with powder coating or maybe they are just confused. But unless you understand the facts about the anodising process you won’t know whether to believe such claims or not. And furthermore, how is it done?

The Claims

There are no end of video clips showing in graphic detail how to scrub away the anodised layer from a piece of aluminium. Apparently it helps if you have a really stiff brush and a relatively well-known brand of oven cleaner, drain un-blocker or just plain caustic soda. Oh, almost forgot! A pair of rubber gloves might be handy. The method is simple enough. Dunk the aluminium in a bowl (plastic of course) containing your preferred household cleaner and scrub hard for about five and a half hours before removing the object with a pair of tweezers and rinse well under the nearest tap. The result is a beautifully shiny piece of metal. But could it really have been anodised?

The Counterclaims

Another quick look down the websites finds almost as many articles that tell us how anodised aluminium is virtually indestructible. First-class architects have used tons of it on famous new buildings such as the London Gherkin because it will last into the next millennium and still be as colourful as the day it was built. Or so they thought. Every day new cars are rolling off the assembly track full of lightweight anodised aluminium that has put an end to all of us driving around in cars that used to go rusty after being left out in the rain. Aeroplanes are made of more anodised aluminium than ever because it happens to be lightweight but tough yet now we know it could get washed off…

The Facts

Anodising is an age-old method that uses chemicals to change the aluminium into a super strong metal that will never rust. Anodising becomes part of the aluminium and if it incorporates a colour, it will never fade away or rub off no matter how hard you scrub. And if you don’t believe me, ask Edmo.They have years of experience of anodising aluminium and know everything.

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